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May 30, 2009


Earthquake…we’re OK :-)
May 28, 2009

We were woken up this morning about 2:15 when our beds started shaking. It was over very quickly and we went back to sleep.

This morning we discovered that a 7.1 earthquake has struck off the coast of northern Honduras about 200 miles away. It did a little damage to the region north of us, but the road we just came down yesterday, THE highway to the south, has been blocked by an enormous rock slide. We know exactly the section that must have been; a hairpin curve that was closed for repair littered with boulders the size of dinosaurs with a temporary curve cut beneath it to reroute traffic. We’re very glad we had to come back yesterday for our appointment with Project Alternatives today!

Again, we’re fine and dandy and about to sit down to a waffle breakfast at Gloria and Tim’s spacious home!

…And we’re NOT off!
May 22, 2009

We were just about to depart Greenville Spartanburg Airport for Honduras. When the pilot announces that the FAA has grounded all flights in Atlanta for about an hour.This means that we will miss our connecting flight to Tegucigalpa, (4 hours later) Sure enough, we are stuck in Atlanta till tomorrow morning! Ralph Brown tried every route he could think of with theairline supervisor,including routing through Arizona,Cancun,or Belize,even, but connexions were just not possible at this point in the day;

But, God is good! As it turns out,our doctor, Ken Hill was not able to go with us due to a last minute snafu with his passport! He is expecting his passport literally at any moment, and the airlines told us that if it arrives today, they will honour his ticket to fly down and join us! We will also be joined in Tegucigalpa by a local doctor, but we miss Ken!

This has been the season for passportfluenza–our nurse, Mary Kathryn also couldn’t lay her hands on hers as well. She and her family spent the day turning the house upside down with no luck. We all said a sad goodbye and started towards GSP airport, only to get a call late at night that the passport had been found and that she was racing up to GSP, even though it was midnight! THAT is dedication!

Day 1: Arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras
May 31, 2008

Hello all!


We finally arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras at 8:30 pm Honduran time;  Thankfully, all of the presbytery crates arrived and were whisked through customs with not even an interested glance, despite our antics  wrangling mounds of precariously perched black crates! 

Tim Wheeler, our Heifer contact in Tegucigalpa called on our behalf and arranged for a van to pick us up and made reservations for us at a hotel downtown. He will be coming from Tegucigalpa (about 3-4 hours away) to pick us up tomorrow and we will then go to La Esperanza.  We are all ok, just very very tired from such a long trip. but tomorrow is another day, and we will be excited by the adventure! We remembered y’all in prayer this evening and ask that you do the same for us.


I’m writing this from the hotel where we have the luxury of internet; I doubt that I’ll be able to email again till we’re back in the states.


grace and peace,



Day 1 — Travelling to Honduras
May 30, 2008

Dear folks,

Just a note to report what’s happening, since we haven’t met together since Presbytery meeting! We’ve gotten everything packed in the Presbytery crates: dental medicines, general meds, glasses, toys, etc. We ended up having to take one extra crate for dental equipment for a total of 9. so we had to pay an extra fee, but luckily, American is not restricting baggage on International flights (yet!).


We gathered at 4:30am at the Charlotte Airport and whisked right through check in and even security in 15 minutes!! A record in my book! The only mishap being that one of the ladies who was bringing her daughter to the airport side-swiped a deer outside Sharon, breaking a headlight and stoving in the driver’s side of her car. No one (except the deer) was injured, but they were a bit shaken, especially at such an early hour on unfamiliar roads.


We’re now in Miami awaiting our American Airlines flight 953 to Tegucigalpa. There is a tropical storm in Central America, but so far (10 am) there are no delays and we are just waiting for the next leg of the trip. We are scheduled to arrive at 12:35 pm and be picked up by Tim Wheeler with Heifer International. We will be going to La Esperanza in the Western part of Honduras and will be working in three different villages before beginning our return trip on June 7. 

Because the flights to Charlotte on Saturday were booked solid, we will have a layover in Miami on the way back, getting back in on Sunday, May 8. at 12:55 in the afternoon.


Tim has planned for us to stay  in a hotel in La Esperanza, and commute to the clincs each day. I don’t know which one yet, but hopefully will know that later today.


I have a GSM mobile phone with us. Theoretically, I should be able to make and receive calls in Honduras.  Our plan is to be in daily contact through an email chain that will be sent out by Keith Karriker stateside. I’ll make sure that Mark and Dot get copies of the daily updates. We will be recording raw video clips to be used for day by day  podcasts on the presbyery website when we return The format for the podcast will be: establishing shots from that particular day, a short interview with one of the people we serve that day, a shout out from a different team member each day and a power point copy of our devotional that day…if we can record some music to use we’ll do that too!.


We are a little concerned by tropical storm Alma which is passing over Central America at this moment, but at this time (10am) the flight appears to be on time!


grace and peace to you all,

Fred Powell


LIVE! from the Mission Field
May 10, 2008

Coming Soon!  

Providence Presbytery’s

LIVE!  from the Mission Field