Greetings from New Jersey!

Doug Macdonald, a member of our Liberty Hill Presbyterian Church is a PDA First Responder.  He has been deployed to help with Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and is offering us updates on the conditions there.

Subject: Re: Doug Macdonald – Greetings from New Jersey Hurricane Sandy

On Sat, Nov 3, 2012 at 9:01 AM, Doug Macdonald <> wrote:


Greetings from New Jersey.


I am deployed for Hurricane Sandy leading a team covering essentially the Jersey Shore north of Atlantic City. There are other teams covering Atlantic City south, the northern part of the state and the New York area.


I have never before done emails for a first deployment following a disaster but this one needs your prayers. So therefore I email you. I will not promise to maintain the consistency of communications I have done from the villages as the work load is much more intense for this type of deployment.


I arrived in the Trenton area with teammate Sue on Thursday with hotel reservations only to find out that we had no reservations and there are no rooms to be found. Sue and I are staying with the Presbytery Executive and her husband. David and Mark flew into Philadelphia Thursday evening and we were able to get a hotel for them there. They are electing to commute the 45 minutes. Sue and I each have a bedroom and share a bathroom and our hosts are wonderful.


Power outages are a problem around Trenton and to the east. We are blessed to have power. Flooding along the coast has made many homes inhabitable. The barrier islands are not accessible and I believe there will be significant total destruction of homes.


The reports I am getting from FEMA and National VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster) and my personal observations are that this event is on the order of magnitude of Katrina. It is different in that there is not the obvious total destruction but the flooding damage seems to go on forever.


Yesterday, Sue, Executive Windy and I visited north to south along the Shore. David, Mark and a Presbytery member visited south to north. We will pick up our visits again today. We saw the flood damage, lots of tired and surprisingly upbeat people and tired pastors.


Pray for the pastors. The hurt of each member of their congregations seem to pile on them. Pray for the survivors. They are tired now and recovery will be slow.


This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.


Douglas P. Macdonald
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
National Response Team
2559 Kingston Drive
Florence, SC 29505-6424

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