Guatemala Travelers Report 4 – 9/5/2011

Text from Fred this evening:

“We had a great breakfast al fresco (all 22 of us) next to the winding river pool complex at Amatique Bay resort before piling in the trucks to go to work. We stopped at a bunch of hardware stores looking for plywood — never could find what we needed. They were interesting: completely open to the street with stools pulled up to the counter so shoppers could have their wares brought to them.

The teachers group hosted 5 Guatemalan elementary school teachers from the three rural neighborhood schools for a teaching symposium. One of the biggest problems right now is the 40 day long teachers stile and the lack of support for rural education. We will continue to meet tomorrow to share ideas. We’re really excited because our Guatemalan colleagues have promised to teach us the Mayan numbering system as well as how to multiply and divide using the pre-Columbian Mayan method.

“The construction team has been doing all kinds of electrical tasks. Mike is chuffed because he learned to wire an electrical box all by himself! All of the light switches are done. 75% of the wiring is completed. We’re going to work on crafting shutters tomorrow to protect the work until windows and grilles can be installed.”

3 Responses

  1. Dear Guatemala Travelers and Friends,

    Greetings from the GLOCAL folks in Rock Hill. You seem to be having an interesting and productive week in Guatemala. We look forward to hearing more upon your return.

    Helen for the GLOCAL Committee.

  2. Yes, it’s very busy around here! But I’m full of admiration for the high school students from America latina schools who are with us. They are doing a marvelous job in construction medical clinics and education! One correction: tomorrow is a travel day (7-8 hours to Palencia). We’ll Only be sErting up tomorrow.

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  3. Hey Helen! Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I will pass them to the other travelers in the morning!

    Grace and peace

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