Guatemala Travelers – Report 3 – 9/4/2011

Today was a full and exciting day for everyone. Fred says he and 8 others had to ride in the back of a truck holding on to the side for dear life as they sped over the unpaved mountain roads. They were thankful at least they weren’t perched on top of the construction equipment on the cab of the other truck like 4 of the Guatemalan group!

Once they arrived in La Sarita village, they split into several groups to begin work. The construction team worked on the electrical system for a health clinic. They installed a circuit box, ran conduit for the building, and began the process of wiring lighting and outlets. Ralph says he is working hard but having a great time.

A second team worked with approximately 60 children in bible school, teaching them about the 23rd psalm and making crafts. The pipe-cleaner sheep were a big hit.

The final group worked in the dental clinic filling and cleaning teeth. Angela has found her new career as a top-notch dental assistant!

When I spoke to them tonight, they were enjoying a gourmet meal of roasted pork, yucca, potatoes, and veggies. Everyone was tired but enjoying the food.

Please let me know if I can pass along any information for you.

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