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Saturday- 9/10 5:34 pm
September 10, 2011

Hey all!

We’re all back safe and sound from Guatemala ready to tell you all our adventures and the way God has moved us in the past week!

We got through customs and immigration fairly quickly but got to the gate to find the flight delayed for 1/2 an hour. I’ll send another note just before we actually take off from Houston.

All of us are anxious to see or families and sleep in our own beds.

Friday- 9/9
September 9, 2011

Antigua was lovely, but it was a very fast visit. They visited the Carmelite convent (1721), followed by lunch and about 2 hours to shop in the local market. After a nap, they are enjoying a sumptuous meal at Hacienda Real, a Guatemalan steakhouse.
The flight tomorrow leaves around 11:30 and Sally says everyone is looking forward to coming back home – seeing their loved ones and sleeping in their own beds!

Thursday – 9/8/2011
September 8, 2011

Today has been a long day of labor at Palencia Elementary and the travelers are working into the evening.
The construction team has spent the day working to expand basic services – wiring lights and outlets indoors and installing a rain barrel and irrigation system for the garden.
The teaching team was busy this morning with approximately 170 students in bible school. They taught the 23rd psalm, made crafts, and lead music and recreation. In the afternoon, they met with the faculty of the school and held a teacher symposium.
After a delicious meal (carrot cake for dessert?), they are back at work testing the wiring and finishing up other projects. Gay says it’s been a long day and not over yet. Tomorrow folks will travel to Antigua for a day of site seeing and shopping.

Wednesday_ 9/7/2011
September 8, 2011

Today was mostly spent in travel. They had a smooth trip with lots of beautiful scenery. When the team arrived in Palencia just before dark, they immediately got to work at the local school with Randy leading the charge in constructing some much needed storage units.
When I spoke to them about 15 minutes ago, they had just gotten out of a wonderful worship service and were about to sit down to dinner. Everyone is well and sends their regards.

Guatemala Travelers Report 4 – 9/5/2011
September 6, 2011

Text from Fred this evening:

“We had a great breakfast al fresco (all 22 of us) next to the winding river pool complex at Amatique Bay resort before piling in the trucks to go to work. We stopped at a bunch of hardware stores looking for plywood — never could find what we needed. They were interesting: completely open to the street with stools pulled up to the counter so shoppers could have their wares brought to them.

The teachers group hosted 5 Guatemalan elementary school teachers from the three rural neighborhood schools for a teaching symposium. One of the biggest problems right now is the 40 day long teachers stile and the lack of support for rural education. We will continue to meet tomorrow to share ideas. We’re really excited because our Guatemalan colleagues have promised to teach us the Mayan numbering system as well as how to multiply and divide using the pre-Columbian Mayan method.

“The construction team has been doing all kinds of electrical tasks. Mike is chuffed because he learned to wire an electrical box all by himself! All of the light switches are done. 75% of the wiring is completed. We’re going to work on crafting shutters tomorrow to protect the work until windows and grilles can be installed.”

Guatemala Travelers – Report 3 – 9/4/2011
September 6, 2011

Today was a full and exciting day for everyone. Fred says he and 8 others had to ride in the back of a truck holding on to the side for dear life as they sped over the unpaved mountain roads. They were thankful at least they weren’t perched on top of the construction equipment on the cab of the other truck like 4 of the Guatemalan group!

Once they arrived in La Sarita village, they split into several groups to begin work. The construction team worked on the electrical system for a health clinic. They installed a circuit box, ran conduit for the building, and began the process of wiring lighting and outlets. Ralph says he is working hard but having a great time.

A second team worked with approximately 60 children in bible school, teaching them about the 23rd psalm and making crafts. The pipe-cleaner sheep were a big hit.

The final group worked in the dental clinic filling and cleaning teeth. Angela has found her new career as a top-notch dental assistant!

When I spoke to them tonight, they were enjoying a gourmet meal of roasted pork, yucca, potatoes, and veggies. Everyone was tired but enjoying the food.

Please let me know if I can pass along any information for you.

Guatemala Travelers Report 2 – 9/3/2011
September 6, 2011

Sorry, folks. I’m a little late in corresponding tonight. The team was on the road most of the day. They left at 7:00 am and traveled in a convoy of 2 4×4 trucks and a very full 15 passenger van down the carriterra de el atlantico (central american hwy 9). They have been joined by 10 Guatemalans – a dentist, a doctor, several translators, and some high school students from the Latin American school. Tonight they are in the Amatique Bay Resort overlooking the ocean and enjoying a delicious meal. Tomorrow they leave at 7:45 for the villages in the Rio Dulce area to work on the electrical system for a health clinic, train local teachers, and conduct a bible school for children. Please let me know if I can pass along any information for you.

Guatemala Travelers Report 1
September 6, 2011

The team has arrived safely and are getting settled into a church hostel. They are tired, but comfortable following a long day of travel. Fortunately, everything in the airports and customs went smoothly and following that they were taken to enjoy a delicious homemade lunch of soup and beef tortillas. This afternoon they drove to Palencia to survey the construction site and plan for work later in the week. Tomorrow they travel to Izbal province. I will talk to Fred tomorrow evening at 9pm, so please let me know if you have any messages you wish to share with members of the group.