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Update from NEST 3/2011
March 7, 2011

From: “Mary Mikhael” Subject:

RE: Update on NEST Greetings to you and every good wish.

¬†We had to postpone the seminars (for Iraqi leaders) till July when we have our Continuing Education Seminar for our former students, and when Dr. Bailey will be the speaker. We hope funds by the PC(USA) will be secured by July. We continue all our activities as normal as possible. Early February we had a special consultation with a group of German scholars (13) for four days discussing the theme of “Teaching Religion in the Presence of Others”. The consultation ended with a celebration of our (11th) Anniversary of the special Program for European Students. Thursday January 20th we had a public event to discuss “Family Values in Christianity and Islam”. And last Thursday we discussed “Monotheism and Political Order”. Tomorrow we will discuss the Gospel of Barnabas; “Authentic or Apocryphal?”. As you may know that (some?) claim it as authentic. So we will clarify. As for the Lebanese situation, we are still with a “care taker government”. May God Almighty give peace and stability. Much love! Mary ————————-

Mary Mikhael, Ed. D.

President Near East School of Theology