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Hello from Guatemala
September 8, 2009

From: Pedro Palacios []

Sent: Monday, August 31, 2009 12:14 AM

To: Providence Presbytery

Subject: Hello from Guatemala

Hello everybody, Just dropping a note to greet you and to thank you for your prayers. We have been very busy with teams, and we apologize for not writing before. God has been very good to us, and we have been able to see more people than other years, He has blessed immensely with equipment. We are now capable of seeing more patients and blessing more people. Our staff is doing great, they are all excited, a little tired, but very excited to see God’s hands working in our lives and our Ministry. We still have more teams to come, so more blessings to come. We have worked with teenagers, couples, women, children and we feel God has called us to expand our ministry into such areas, and more. All these activities have been very blessed. There is no doubt God has stirred hearts, and fruit will come. There are more plans, more dreams, more to come. Please friends, we ask for you prayers, prayers for strength, for peace, for our budget to be met. At this point we have equipment to help people, we just ask for your prayers for provision, for our yearly budget to be met, so we can continue with this ministry the Lord has allowed us to lead. We will try to keep updating more frequently, but once more, thanks for all the help you provide La Mision with. We feel blessed and honored to have such a great team of people like you praying for us, and supporting this Ministry. Blessings for you all! Dr. Pedro Palacios (Tito) La Mision, Guatemala