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May 30, 2009

May 30, 2009

Mission team
May 30, 2009

In the village of el Limón
May 30, 2009

Medical Mission Team is Fine
May 28, 2009

Fred Powell called this morning to let us know that our Medical Mission Team was not in the area damaged by the earthquake last night.  He said they were awakened by the earthquake, a 7.1 on the Richter scale with an epicenter near the northern coast of Honduras, but went back to sleep. One death related to the quake has been reported at this time.

Our team finished their medical clinic yesterday and traveled Wheeler’s home. They will be visiting Project Alternatives today.

Earthquake…we’re OK :-)
May 28, 2009

We were woken up this morning about 2:15 when our beds started shaking. It was over very quickly and we went back to sleep.

This morning we discovered that a 7.1 earthquake has struck off the coast of northern Honduras about 200 miles away. It did a little damage to the region north of us, but the road we just came down yesterday, THE highway to the south, has been blocked by an enormous rock slide. We know exactly the section that must have been; a hairpin curve that was closed for repair littered with boulders the size of dinosaurs with a temporary curve cut beneath it to reroute traffic. We’re very glad we had to come back yesterday for our appointment with Project Alternatives today!

Again, we’re fine and dandy and about to sit down to a waffle breakfast at Gloria and Tim’s spacious home!

Last day of clinics
May 27, 2009

We got up this morning with the chickens (and the dogs)about 5am. By the time we got up, the night watch that slept on our porch with their machetes last night had already gone. Because it was the last day of clinics, I was a little nervous that we would be over run with people. We had a crowd gathered before 7 even though we were not due to begin until 8. This crowd included the 20 students from the elementary school in San Francisco 1 and I was glad it was not the 70 the teacher had wanted to bring. Gloria opined that the real reason he wanted us to see the students was so that he wouldn’t have to teach that day!

Message from Central America
May 27, 2009

Our Central American Travelers have reported back that they are well and settled in to a village in the area of San Francisco in Honduras. Because the mountains are blocking the cellular signal, the daily blog postings the group had planned to do are not possible.  In this remote village, people are in need of medical treatment.  Fred Powell reported yesterday afternoon that the clinic was fully staffed and had 90 people in line ready to be treated.

May 23, 2009

Well, we’re on our way, but when we checked in to get our boarding passes, somehow half our group got bumped up to First Class on an extremely full flight. The rest of us are crammed into the cattle car class with the other 3 or 4 mission groups flying down on our flight…moooo

Travelers Communion and Packing (Tuesday)
May 22, 2009

It’s getting close to time to head out to Central America and the Central American Travelers (also known as CATs) gathered at First Presbyterian in Union to pack the huge black crates that will be our only checked luggage to Honduras

in them we are packing medicines for 1000 people many of them children. We also packed the hygiene kits that churches so generously donated to, as well as toys and fun things for kids.

Then we had to carefully balance and weigh all 16 to make sure we could take them with us. It was also exciting to receive the brightly coloured Honduran money, called Lempira that we had ordered in preparation for the trip. Somehow that just makes it seem so much closer.

We made time to gather with former travelers and well wishers from all over the Presbytery for a communion service in the sanctuary. Then everyone was invited to stay for a potluck supper! A
Then we began hauling the crates to begin their journey to Honduras.

We have been told that we will be living and working in a remote village called San Framcisco in the departement de Valle in the southern part of the country.SF is close to Langue if you are looking at a map.