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Medical Mission Team Home Safe!
June 9, 2008

Welcome home Medical Mission Team!

After serving over 500 people with about 200 teeth extracted, the Medical Mission team is back in South Carolina.  Arriving on Saturday at 8:15 pm from San Salvador, the team was thrilled to be back home with no earthquakes, lava flows or anything that would hinder their opportunity to serve the poor in Honduras. 

More information will come later as we post our video blogs the team worked on while they were away!

On Their Way Home
June 7, 2008

Our team of travelers is on the move … with yet another set of travel plans. I spoke to Fred during my lunch hour on Friday and he said they were leaving shortly for San Salvador, El Salvador. They will stay there overnight and then depart Saturday morning for the states.

Please keep covering the team with prayers…
June 4, 2008

Sorry you haven’t heard from me, folks. We have been having a few e-mail troubles and I have been out of the office on a leadership retreat. I returned this evening to find things had not been sent out. Hopefully this one will go.


I spoke with Fred last evening. They had returned early and were going to take Jennifer out for her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jennifer!!!). Each day they are moving closer and closer to their home base and will spend the last day or so in La Esperanza. So far everyone seems to be healthy and happy, tough exhausted from long days.


The only matter of concern is the details of their return home. As of last night, the flights from Tegucigalpa have not been canceled but the airport has not officially reopened. The local contact with heifer international has been working daily to try to determine if they will be able to fly out as planned or if they will need to travel to another city and when a flight would be available.


Please remember these folks in your prayers and I will send additional information as soon as I have it.



Day 2–La Esperanza Clinic Today!
June 1, 2008

The gang left San Pedro Sula yesterday morning and finally

made it to Tegucigalpa. At 6:00am this morning they

departed for La Esperanza. Upon arrival they immediately

set out for their first clinic about a mile away. They are

all very tired, but doing well and in good spirits. They

do not have access to the internet in the hotel, but are

hoping to find an internet cafe in town so they will be

able to send and receive personal e-mails. In addition, I

have been able to speak with Fred every evening for a few

moments and I’ll be glad to share any news with them as

well. Please let me know if you would like to pass on any

news from home.